Your wedding is one of the biggest events you will ever plan – and event planning isn’t easy! Even a fully trained event manager knows just how stressful event planning can be. However, no matter how big the event, your health always comes first. Prioritizing your health over your wedding is essential – and it is extra important when someone is sick. Getting help from A Wish To Wed means you don’t have to do the heavy lifting and can focus on yourself. Here are some self care tips to practice while waiting for the big day:

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Self Care Tip #1: Set Boundaries  

Setting limits lets you know when you should reach out and ask for help. And when you know just how much you can handle, it gives others the cue for when they should step in. If you find yourself thinking about your wedding 24-hours a day, it is time to step back and put some self care tactics into action. Develop a priority list and identify the areas where you need the most support. When you do ask for help, be clear and specific about what you need and when. If you are still unsure about asking, remember that the people you are closest with will love to step in and help with your big day and to be a part of the process. After all, who doesn’t love planning other people’s weddings? And when you need even more support, A Wish to Wed can help carry the load when the going gets tough.

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Self Care Tip #2: Have a Plan

Don’t just have one plan, have some back up ideas at the ready to expect the unexpected. Having an outdoor wedding? Consider options for poor weather. Concerned about seating for those last-minute guests? Have a few seating charts prepped and ready—you can even simplify it with an app! Keep your plan in neatly organized lists, with your top priorities always in check. Lists are going to be your self care superhero during your planning process. Keeping your plan organized keeps your mind organized.

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Self Care Tip #3: Let Love Be Your Guide

The most important self care tip of them all: love. When you are in the thick of the planning process, fine-tuning every detail and scheduling every moment, it can be easy to be swept up into the minutiae of it all. However, always keep the reason for your wedding in perspective. At the end of the day, it is because you found love. Whether your wedding has sunny skies or torrential downpour—literally or figuratively—embrace the unexpected and find joy and happiness in your relationship. Simply spending time together can help you be mindful of the big picture: schedule date nights, write love notes, ensure your partner is a part of the planning process, do whatever it is you need to spend time together. Your partner is there to support you through it all, and A Wish to Wed can help support the both of you!

If a terminal illness is postponing your wedding, A Wish To Wed can help! Apply with us today.

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