About Us

A Wish to Wed Society was founded in Vancouver in 2014 as Canada’s first non-profit to grant the union of marriage to those faced with life altering circumstances. The society is built on these core values:

  • We believe people should have the opportunity to get married when faced with a life altering condition;
  • We believe in bringing joy and strength to people through a wedding celebration;
  • We believe people are not defined by their life altering circumstances.

We’re proud to partner with local wedding professionals who volunteer their services in support of our mission. Additionally, we build relationships within the healthcare community in order to connect with potential applicants.

Meet our board members

Jennifer Schafer

President & Director of Event Coordination

Jennifer joined A Wish to Wed Society because she strongly believes in bringing joy and strength. Life is full of unexpected challenges, and when faced with an illness outside of our control, it can get to our experience of joy and happiness. Jennifer loves to help AWW’s applicants and feels that seeing a smile on their face is the greatest gift.

In daily life Jennifer is a wedding and event planner who’s slightly obsessed with historical romance novels. She may or may not disappear for the day when she gets her hands on a new Brenda Joyce novel.

Find out more about Jennifer here: umbrellaevents.ca

Tianna Tran

Marketing Princess aka Director of Marketing

Tianna co-founded A Wish to Wed Society because she believes in making the world a better place through acts of kindness. While working in the customer service industry, she experienced what difference these can make in someone’s life. Tianna became a part of AWW because of the unique and impact we make, and she’s grateful for the sense of accomplishment and happiness it gives her.

In daily life Tianna is a makeup and hair artist who loves kickboxing and deep fried foods.

Find out more about Tianna here: tiannatran.com

Cynthia Hogan-Fang

Board member

Cynthia, commonly known by her nickname Cindy,  joined A Wish to Wed Society because she believes in celebrating love, creating lasting memories and cherishing life’s most precious moments. In the face of some of the most difficult circumstances life can hand someone it’s important to treasure each day and love, love, love._

In daily life Cindy is a Project Manager and Event Planner with a passion of instilling and promoting a positive and inclusive environment. Everybody deserves a chance at happiness, and the best advice she ever received was to get busy living.