New board member: Neet

It is our honour and pleasure to introduce you to our newest board member, Neet Aujla. Her kind nature and her enthusiasm are a great addition to our team! Neet will also be taking over the treasurer’s torch from our founding member Trisha. We asked her a few questions, so you can get to know her better.

What do you do in the wedding industry? 

neet aujla board member

Freelance makeup and hair artistry grant me the opportunity to follow one of my dearest passions ~ helping people feel gorgeous and confident. Through this creative avenue I am able to do just that!

Why did you join A Wish To Wed?

In my primary career as a health care worker I work closely with clients, some of whom unfortunately suffer from illnesses such as cancer and autoimmune diseases. I feel we as humans have a responsibility to help one another celebrate life even through the most difficult of journeys. The idea of A Wish To Wed instantly stirred emotions of joy and excitement as this platform will allow myself and others to embark on a path of hope and support.

Can you give me an interesting fact about yourself?

I confess as a young girl I used to play dress up and imitate Indian movie characters. Please don’t ask!